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Syneox announces the filing of two strategic patents for packaging waste from nuclear power field

Paris, July 6th 2015


INNOVEOX (Alternext, FR0011066885 – ALIOX), specialist provider of solutions for the definitive treatment and recovery of toxic industrial waste, announces major technological developments within its subsidiary Syneox, specialist of robotic systems for packaging and nuclear decommissioning.

Two strategic patents have been filed by Syneox. Both innovations are totally safe and efficient for conditioning, inerting and stabilizing of waste from nuclear power field, while these operations were previously manually performed.

The first patent (BFF 15P0140-CHB) is for cold inerting of liquid and solid waste from nuclear power field, in order to secure their storage cycle.

The second innovation (BFF 15P0164/JD) aims at efficient long-term stabilizing of incinerated radioactive waste and at performing – robotically and remotely – secure sealing of packages.

Syneox was awarded by the « 2011 innovation challenge » of EDF, and these two innovations have already arouse the interest of official bodies such as ANDRA (French National Agency of Radioactive Waste Management).

Christian Delavaud, Head of Syneox Innovation, indicates that dismantling is a huge market : over 18.4 billion euros in France, and 220 billion euros through the world. On the planet, more than 300 reactors are to be dismantled during the next 20 years. Nuclear power field is still far behind the use of innovations, yet essential.

Jean-Christophe Lépine, President and CEO of Innoveox, specifies that these innovations solve important problems in ultimate waste management and allow Innoveox to approach new markets, such as nuclear but also asbestos, health and defense.