SYNEOX is established in the Liquids and Solids Waste Treatment sector of the nuclear industry, drawing on an integrated approach to process control systems.

Previously banned or limited, automation has gradually entered the nuclear sector, notably providing greater security to personnel. From hydraulic blocking concrete and sealing containers to packing traceability, SYNEOX provides a wide and complementary range of automated procedures, verified by ANDRA (the French national radioactive waste management agency) and approved by our customers.

NUCLEO control software package

  • Control of dry filler implementation process
  • Operational self-testing process
  • Reliability of concrete conformities
  • Manufacturing documentation
  • Traceability of events – History

Embedded systems

  • Embedded processors
  • Local functions
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (TCP/IP)
  • Database
  • Hot standby

Human-Machine Interfaces

  • Interactive station – Practical benefit
  • Tablet or connected objects
  • Augmented reality
  • Intuitive use