Research & Development

First development in the asbestos industry:

In August 2015, SYNEOX filed a new patent on encapsulating asbestos.

Thanks to transportable and totally secured small units (40 feet container), SYNEOX has rendered asbestos inert, directly on construction sites or zones for treatment and this for a period of up to 2000 years depending on the selected encapsulation and local laws.

The products in the form of bricks resulting from this dual encapsulation by low temperature ceramic are fully traceable and feature a lifetime stamp. The materials may be reused after government authorisation.

An authentic alternative to traditional solutions (landfill and vitrification), this economically competitive innovation offers a simple and secure implementation with no consequence to the environment and is capable of absorbing the large volumes from a global market still in production.

In addition to the asbestos market, this technology can also be used for ash from incinerators or lignite based thermal power plants (a major health problem).