Sectors of activity

As we enter the new century, the energy issue and its social and environmental consequences are more than ever at the heart of public policies and industrial developments. While fossil fuels have become scarcer and sustainable energies are just beginning to meet the growing global demand, the nuclear sector is a reliable alternative for many countries.

Whether it is production or construction waste, or nuclear fuel processing residue, the issue of their proper management is crucial for our societies and our environment.
Waste Management Specialist in the Liquids and Solids Waste Treatment sector, SYNEOX offers innovative solutions to meet the objectives of the sector:

  • Improve packaging: innovate to reduce final waste, process automation, increase data reliability
  • Reduce waste production: improve packaging
  • Improve the reliability of sustainable storage: reduce H2 dumping, memory preservation, memory sustainability (10 to 15 centuries)

Natural fibrous mineral with significant industrial benefits (resistance to heat and fire, absorbent capacity…), asbestos was and is widely used worldwide in industries including building (thermal insulation, asbestos cement) or road networks (road asbestos).
Identified as a carcinogen, asbestos has been banned in France since 1997 and the work of removal of asbestos from buildings continues.
Protection of workers’ health, respect for the environment, safety and long-term traceability are at the heart of the services developed and offered by SYNEOX. Accordingly, the company has designed a double encapsulation process for sustainable neutralisation of free asbestos.

SYNEOX technologies are intended for other solid waste representing a major health risk, such as ash, sludge (pathogen and chemical residue) and polluted land.