Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie

The nuclear industry is seeking new technologies to tackle the issues in waste management, decontamination, dismantling…. This analysis led CMI and INNOVEOX to get closer : their complementary expertises allow them to develop a comprehensive offering to nuclear operators, that has already led to a first major commercial success.

CMI designs, integrates, modernises and maintains equipment in the domains of energy, defense, steelmaking, environment and the industry in general. CMI accompanies its clients throughout the whole life-cycle of their equipment, in order to improve their economical, technical and environmental performance.

CMI offers many advantages: a unique combination of experience in engineering, maintenance and technical international project management, as well as a capacity for innovation focused on the concrete needs of its clients. In 2015, CMI generated more than 1.3 billion Euros in sales, and had a highly qualified workforce of 4,700 in Africa, Brazil, China, the United States, Europe, India, Mexico, Canada, New Caledonia, China and Russia.

CMI is a member of the Nucleopolis and PNB clusters, and is consequently labelled as ‘Nuclear Expertise from France’.

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Cluster Aquitaine Robotics

The Aquitaine Robotics cluster structures the regional robotics sector, supports collaborative R&D projects and develops scientific research and training skills. It brings together Aquitaine players in the robotics manufacturing and logistics sector, service and open environment. Created in July 2013, to date it brings together some fifty members, mostly companies, research and training organisations and users.
Aquitaine Robotics is supported in its operation by Aquitaine Innovation Development and Bordeaux INP (National Polytechnic Institute) co-founders of the cluster. The Aquitaine Regional Council, also a founding member, participates in its financing.

SYNEOX joined the Aquitaine Robotics Cluster in July 2015.

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CNRS Limoges – SPCTS

With the Laboratory of “Science of Ceramic Processing and Surface Treatments (SCPTS – Limoges CNRS), SYNEOX collaborated on the development of materials (ceramic and clay).
Comprising 204 people, including 13 CNRS researchers and 96 PhD students and postdocs, the Laboratory SPCTS is devoted to the understanding and control of production processes applied to ceramics and surface treatments for the development of objects with the desired properties.

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E-Clide cluster

Syneox is part of E-Clide cluster for the development of new practices in nuclear field.

Recently founded, E-Clide cluster aims at improving the productivity and safety of nuclear maintenance operations. Located in Saint-Aubin-de-Blaye, it brings together global companies (Areva NP, Spie, Clemessy, Ponticelli Frères…), regional laboratories (Coh@bit platform of Bordeaux IUT) and SME (Axyz, Coverplant, Ersya…).


IMS Laboratory

Since the first half of 2016, Syneox has worked in partnership with the Laboratory of Integration: from Material to Systems (IMS, CNRS UMR5218) in the development of smart gas sensors for industrial applications, particularly in highly and strongly irradiated environments.

Created in 2007 from the merging of 3 Bordeaux research units, IMS Laboratory is a joint research unit for the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux INP. IMS total staff is around 350: 135 senior researchers, 150 post-doctoral researchers and PhD candidates, 65 engineers and technical staff.  IMS brings together fundamental research, engineering and technology, emphasizing an integrative systems approach in the disciplines of Information Technologies.

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